Friday, May 18, 2012

Choosing the right school for you

Hello everybody !!!
Today i dedicate my post to students who want to study in the USA and pursue bachelor degree.Here are some important information you should know.
Things you should consider when choosing the right school for you.
1.Academic programs(make sure your desired majors and minors are in the list of academic programs)
2.Total tuition(student organization fees,books,health service,food,and so on)
3.Whether the school is accredited or not!
4.Financial aid opportunities(average financial aid package)
5.Location (weather,environment)
6.Student organizations,clubs
8.Application deadlines
9.Type of school: public,private,catholic,men's,women's and so on
10.Application requirements(test score,recommendation,etc)
11.Diversity (international students)
12.School reputation
13.Campus life
14.Overall interest to this school :-D
If you want to be admitted and offered to scholarships(undergraduate) :
-Score of 80-115 on IBT
-Score of 1500-1800 on SAT. for financial aid : score of 1700-2300
-Excellent personal statement/admission essay
-Good recommendation letters
-Completed application on time or early
-International student supplement forms
-High school transcripts/notarized and translated into English
-good records of  extracurricular activities
-Certain school's online or printed application form
-Financial certification/bank statement
Generally scholarships are awarded based on your SAT score and your application package.Note that schools choose their student not only by academic achievements but also personality.
When applying to Colleges and universities ,there will be many difficulties where you don't know what to do.In this case,working with educational center is a good way to succeed.
I encourage you to approach to Educational Advising Resource Center, and for more information about EARC ,visit earcmn,org  or call 976-11-319016
Goodluck !

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