Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi all.Today I am gonna describe about Educational Advising Resource Center(EARC).

EARC was officially established as non government organization in May,2003..You may ask what's the purpose of this organization.Well,The purpose of EARC  is to disseminate advice and information about scholarships,chances to study abroad especially to USA,and support students who want to study abroad.

It is located in Sukhbaatar district,Ulaanbaatar.But it does not mean that EARC only helps people in the UB.EARC has several branches such as in Darkhan,Erdenet,Umnu-Gobi ,Dornod,and in Howd.Then I hope that other branches of EARC will be located in all of the other provinces of Mongolia.There are plenty of  opportunities to study abroad for Mongolians.But the problem is that all people ,who wish to study abroad, can't get enough information of the scholarships and opportunities to study abroad.EARC is established to solve this problem and has been  working for 8years.
Information about EARC membership

If you become EARC member :
  • You can use all kind of books at our EARC  library (SAT,TOEFL,History,Literature,Math,science....etc)
  •     make an appointment for individual or other advising
  •     use EARC computers to connect to internet
  •     get all important information about scholarship,programs,and standardized tests(GRE,SAT,TOEFL)
  •     Free wireless connection
  •     Speaking club

If you want to become member of our center ,bring 4000₮(EARC annual membership fee) ,your ID (иргэний үнэмлэх),and your photo with you at EARC office .Then a week later,You will have ID that verifies that you are the member of EARC.You will use your card to get our center's services and  to enter to EARC

EARC also has its own training center called HORIZON.Horizon training center has several courses:
Pre-intermediate,Intermediate,Upper-intermediate ,TOEFL, SAT ,GRE  and so on.Our center also organize several programs that are useful for students who want to study abroad.Access micro-scholarship program,USAP and so on.
 For more information visit or call 11-319016
As a member of EARC,I suggest you to visit EARC.


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