Sunday, January 8, 2012

TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL is a standardized test designed to measure ability to understand and to use English at an academic level.TOEFL test is made and administered by the ETS (Educational Testing Service),a private,non-profit company located in Princeton,New Jersey.TOEFL is accepted more than 8000 colleges and institutions in over 130 countries.
Until 1998,TOEFL test was based on paper and then called Paper-based TOEFL(PBT).Sometimes called institutional TOEFL.PBT has three sections such as Reading,Listening,and Sentence structure.PBT score ranges between 360-677.
in 1998,Paper-based TOEFL was changed into Computer-based test which people take test using computer.CBT has four sections such as reading,listening,writing and sentence structure.CBT score ranges between 0-300.
Finally in 2005,The new design of TOEFL test is created which is called IBT(internet-based test).Although CBT and PBT  were well standardized tests,students who took CBT with high scores could not speak in English well.Therefore ETS designed IBT including reading,writing,listening and speaking sections.IBT score ranges between 0-120.
Reading section contains 3-5 passages,and each passage has 12-14 questions(60-100 min)
Listening section consists of 2-3conversations and 4-6 lectures,and each con/lecture has 5questions(60-90min)
Mandatory break (10min)
Speaking section has 6 tasks : 2 independent tasks (talk about familiar topics) (20min)
                                              4 integrated tasks(summarize main points in lecture,passage)
Writing section has two tasks :1integrated task (write an essay based on listening lecture and reading passage)
                                               1independent task (write an essay on a familiar topic) (50min)
-TEST centers in Mongolia(test centers that i know)
-Jet school of English
-Orchlon school
-Ulzii service
-Study center
-Registering for IBT
You have to visit this website,you will find how to register and prepare for the TOEFL.About registering TOEFL,you have to register by online.You must  have TOEFL IBT account in order to register online.As bills and everything will be done by online,you are allowed to print your TOEFL test ticket confirmation.


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  2. @ kevin Smith ,thank you :D .

  3. it is depend upon students Which is TOEFL test is exact for you? PBT or the iBT

  4. I think it depends on many things,such as which test PBT or IBT do the colleges that student choose require,do which test take place in student's country,or in some case , which test they want to give ?...